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Creativity abounds in us all. Even if we can't be practitioners of every facet of art, we appreciate it and hold it in high regard.


An object made by hand is often revered and highly treasured among a person's possessions.


In this journal, you can write your feelings about fine arts. Pages on the left will be headed with a word inviting you to jot down your thoughts on the lines under it. The page opposite is pure, white space to add whatever you wish; be your own artist, do drawings, glue clippings and keep copies of photographs.


Just write and sketch what comes to mind, don't edit. You'll be amassing topics for your next ladies lunch and more. How often are we invited to give our opinions about art in everyday life, so don't hold back and tell it to the page.You'll open and browse this book often.


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Art Appreciation Journal - Our Rich Art Heritage

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