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Dance lessons are a rite of passage for most of us. Our parents operated under the belief that studying the art of dance would help us become more graceful. How did that work out for you?


Tell it to this 100-page journal with lightly lined pages on the left and blank pages on the right. What were your favorite classes, teachers, recitals, friends, costumes, and memories — the list goes on? This can be a journal for those currently studying dance or it can be a memory book of your children's or your own experiences at the barre or wearing tap shoes. The blank pages can be used for more writing or to make sketches of costumes. Purchase a set of colored pencils and draw in color.


What a nice gift this journal would make. Write your interesting, funny and unusual memories to keep only for yourself or to share with others. The music is starting. Now, on the count of three begin reliving your years as a dancer.


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Dance Student's Journal

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