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There is nobody like our dad. He was the primary guy in our lives throughout childhood. He taught us to skate, he held the bike the first-time riding without training wheels, took us to see Santa, and always offered a shoulder to cry on when we got a skinned knee.


It makes perfect sense to honor him in writing and this 100-page journal is the place for it. So, sit down with your journal to write the nuances and details of what made your dad so special. Yes, we have a holiday the second Sunday in June to honor him but taking the time to write stories of your relationship with him is gold and should be celebrated year-round. Nobody else could do it because no matter how many kids in your family, your relationship with dad was unique.


The pages on the left are lightly lined with prompts to spark ideas. Photos are a wonderful thing, but they don't tell the whole story so paste photocopies of special pictures on the blank pages on the right side of this journal but embellish them with the story behind the picture. Tell details about dad, his favorite phrases, his sense of humor, the things that make him special.


Use those pages for other small, dad-related memorabilia as well as for more writing. You won't regret doing this project and those who come after and never get to really know him will take comfort in this personalized biography of your dad.


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Daughters and Dads Journal

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