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How we perceive ourselves is, unfortunately in many cases, paramount to happiness and sense of worth. Yet, so much is put upon for us by forces out of our control.


This 100-page journal is for you to figure out where you stand on any given day. How, on bad days you can work with what you have and not be overwhelmed and angry. On good days the journal will help you celebrate the goddess you are — all the time. Most importantly, how you can, by writing about it, strike a happy medium of acceptance and self-love on ALL days.


Prompts at the tops of the left side, lightly lined pages will guide your writing. On the opposite side, pages are blank to allow freedom of expression, so sketch, do mood palettes using color media, paste articles and clippings, and of course, continue writing as large, fanciful, and uncontrolled as you please. Get it on the page, it feels so good.


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Dogs on the Run Journal

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