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Dogs are more than just nice companions. This 100-page journal is for writing the stories of dogs whose lives are dedicated to helping us. They might be tiny dogs and only serve to warm our laps or big ones who would give their own lives to protect us. Perhaps your dog is a clown and entertains you. Maybe yours loves to play with toys, that's hard work, so it counts.


All of them are dedicated family members and deserve to be written up in the pages of this journal. Each page is lightly lined and every other one has a heading, a word or phrase that will spark your creativity.  Write the heartwarming stories of love and devotion between yourself and dogs you have known. Memorialize dogs who have gone before and paste in a picture of them.


This beautiful volume will be a comforting book to take off the shelf and browse often. Get started and keep it going. Tell the stories in your own words, in your own handwriting honoring our best friends.


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Dogs Who Help Us Journal

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