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   Essential Workers are nothing short of angels on earth. In many cases, they help us in ways we never see because their invisible jobs are designed to make our lives easier, healthier, and more pleasant.  They are guardians and supporters of  the structure we call life.

   When fun and frivolity was forbidden during the COVID-19 lockdown, they remained vigilant and steadfast. They stayed at their duty posts and kept life running smoothly.  We became so accustomed to having our needs met that we sometimes forgot the network of people who are responsible for making that happen.

   In this 100-page journal you can write your thoughts about our protectors. You might be one and most certainly you know many. The prompts on each page are titles to various jobs and professions. Write your thanks to Essential Workers special to you then present it to one in particular and ask that they do the same. — then pass it on to someone special to them. In doing so, you may awaken everyone's awareness to the multitude of helpers we all rely upon.

   Can you imagine a more perfect gift to give?

   Pass it on!


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Essential Workers - Endurance - Hardcover Edition

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