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As sure as October comes, pumpkins are everywhere. With their round, bright shapes, they reign. There are bushels of recipes for pumpkin and they do duty as the prime seasonal decorations, unadorned and clustered on doorsteps. Their final moment comes later in October when their true personalities emerge as Jack-o-lanterns.


We all have memories of fall and most likely they include pumpkins in one form or another. This 100-page journal is the place to celebrate the humble pumpkin and all it represents. Left side pages are lightly lined with prompts to aid your thinking and the right sides are blank for all kinds of entries. There couldn't be an easier shape to draw so fill pages with them and color them according to your mood. This symbol of autumn is cherished and fortunately for us arrives like clockwork in October.


Devise rhymes using the fall colors: I like yellow because I'm a mellow fellow. Orange rocks it looks like lox. Or something like that, you could do much better.


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Fall Journal - Pumpkins Everywhere

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