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Four weeks on a diet, if faithfully followed, can result in marked changes in how you look and feel. For starters, you've reacquainted yourself with the concept of self-discipline.


This refreshing way of thinking in itself is empowering, and if adhered to for four weeks can become second nature. As many know, staying on a diet has everything to do with keeping motivated and this journal has it all.


Prompts and affirmations accompany the clearly designed pages for keeping track, day by day and hour by hour. One of the proven ways to ensure success is to follow the mantra —write it down. This journal's systematic method of keeping track is unrivaled and easy to work with. Start today for a trimmer, healthier tomorrow. Many people find that writing in the journal and having a visible record of progress is very beneficial, so they continue the habit well beyond four weeks. Like any new venture it only takes a single step to get started, so welcome, and let's take that step together.


Start with the blank calendar for the week and fill in the MONTH and DAYS. In bold red pen, note the events, dates, appointments upcoming for the week where food will be a feature. Prepare and plan to be extra cautious on those days.


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Four-Week Diet Journal - Getting Started

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