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After making the commitment and being on your diet for a few weeks, only one description fits you — rock solid. All the times of thinking, deliberating, mulling and false starts, this time it's for real.


Let that be your guiding force each day but, especially at weak moments. You are unshakable, determined and your decision is set in stone. You are as solid as a rock. This journal is your secret weapon because keeping track faithfully is the key to sticking with it. Writing it down is the way to see your progress in black and white. When moments strike that have you questioning your resolve, just page back through this journal and see how much you've invested to date. Know that deviating is human, but the desire to keep the momentum will bring you right back to the good and productive path because you can see clearly what your intentions are — and have always been. To bring forth the ideal you, the person inside who wants to shine and represent the best of you. Stay unmoving as a rock.


Start with the blank calendar for the week and fill in the MONTH and DAYS. In bold red pen, note the events, dates, appointments upcoming for the week where food will be a feature. Prepare and plan to be extra cautious on those days.


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Four Week Diet Journal - Rock Solid

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