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Ask anyone who has written through a crisis, putting words on paper creates a sense of order and brings peace. Just taking control is empowering, believing you can keep all manner of wolves at bay is strength. Taking on the challenge of losing weight is vast, almost monumental decision that takes a lot time to fully accomplish. There are moments when you think it's too great a hurdle, but when that happens, stop!


Take account by opening your journal and seeing what good things you've already chosen and written. You've embarked down a major path so don't let diversions throw you off and ruin everything.  Breathe. Read your journal(s) to find renewed strength in your own words. Remember how strong you are and how much you want this goal. It will come if you persist.


Go minute by minute because achieving small victories will build into larger ones. Quitting will only frustrate and sadden you.  Another sixty seconds, you can do it.


Start with the blank calendar for the week and fill in the MONTH and DAYS. In bold red pen, note the events, dates, appointments upcoming for the week where food will be a feature. Prepare and plan to be extra cautious on those days.


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Four-Week Diet Journal - Write It Down

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