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Keeping going and a gradual climb will lead to your diet goal. One foot in front of the other, as the saying goes.


This diet journal focuses on sticking with it, making those small increments toward a larger pay-off. Be kind to yourself, take a day and just cruise, putting all the larger issues to rest. Calm your mind, try not to think of "what if?"


Just write faithfully in your diet journal because seeing is believing. All the words, numbers or thoughts you write down accumulate so quickly and are proof you are on the right track. Stick with it, keep making that gradual climb.


You can do it.


Start with the blank calendar for the week and fill in the MONTH and DAYS. In bold red pen, note the events, dates, appointments upcoming for the week where food will be a feature. Prepare and plan to be extra cautious on those days.


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Four-Week Diet - Steady Steps to Success

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