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Known as the center of neighborhood communication, this 100-page journal is dedicated to the days of old front porches and neighbors visiting after supper.


The chairs were well broken-in and the breezes cooling after a long day of chores. It was a time to savor life and bask in the contentment of a day well spent. Before the tradition dies out completely, take the time to jot down those memories in this 100-page book, in your own words.

Pages on the left side are lightly lined with headings to help jog your memories for writing. Opposite, the pages are blank to encourage sketching, list making, adding scraps of memorabilia and of course, to continue writing.


While we can't bring back the 'good old days' we can remember and pay tribute to them in this journal. Times of relaxing and completely shutting of the cares of the world come all too infrequently in our busy lives. Writing in this journal will not just be fun, it forms a legacy of days gone by.

Wouldn't your kids and grandkids enjoy that you cared enough to remember and record the past. to pass along to them? All kids crave "roots" so start now, if only to make a comparison as to how differently things are done today.


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Front Porch Journal

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