When a friend or family member is ill or hurting it's difficult to know what to do. Sending a greeting card from yourself or the "gang" is of course a lovely gesture. Look no further that the Get Well Soon series of books by bobbin-olive.com for a unique idea based upon the classic "round robin" letter. One person, the originator will start the book by writing on the first page. The book is passed to the next person to write on the following page. Pass this book among your co-workers, family members or others within your friend's circle to create a new page. On and on it goes documenting in the most personal and unique way how much the recipient means to others.

Order a copy or two of the blank books to have on hand for when the need arises. Such a special memento will be treasured as a keepsake long after the event or moment that launched it has been forgotten. A bobbin-olive Get Well Soon book is like a warm hug committed to paper.


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Get Well Soon! - Serenity - Hardcover