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As much as we sometimes crave the change of seasons, there is a certain nostalgia in preparing for it.  As surely as one season merges into the next there are chores to be done.  Putting away the summer furniture in preparation for fall signifies a move indoors and goodbye to warm, social evenings on the patio or in the garden.  


In this book list what you do for each season and write how you feel about it.  Perhaps where you live there isn't a dramatic change in the weather so tell the subtle ways you know the sun is getting nearer or father away.  Write memories or anecdotes you've experienced with various seasons.  Populate your writing with the changing cast of people who share it with you.  Write a list of what you hope to do this coming season and explain why.  Because, as surely as we breathe, in the blink of an eye, a new season will be upon us.


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A Change of Seasons

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