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As the days cool off, we begin to gravitate indoors. Out comes the warmer items for home and apparel. Summer things look sad as though they have had their day. We begin craving different foods. A desire to make slow-cooked or baked items set in. Colors change to deeper, richer, saturated jewel tones.


Keep current by writing in your journal, tell what changing from summer to fall means to you. This 100-page book is designed for just that purpose. Lightly lined pages with prompts will get your pen moving.


What are the first signs that fall is coming and how do you respond? What things do you want to accomplish now that the weather is cooler and the diversion of being outside is gone? September, with the new school year has for many of us marked new beginnings, a fresh start, is it yours? With the year winding down, what do you still want to do before the frenzy of the holidays begins? Seek to balance activity with rest.


Make yourself a cup of tea, turn off all links to the outside and curl up with your thoughts and your journal


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Grateful Every Day - Fall

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