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Summer is the season to celebrate the senses. Open air and the whole world seemingly at play provides a multitude of things to enjoy. Singly or with others. Days are long, time takes a new, slow pace and life seems easier.


Take a moment and write down your blessings each day because it is such a small investment with a gigantic return. The act of writing is, by itself a form of mediation, then reviewing what you've written brings another boost of satisfaction and happiness.


The 100 pages are lightly lined with prompts to inspire you to put pen to paper. Finish each day's entry by jotting down ideas for future topics. There is so much to celebrate and writing about it is downright fun. No judgment, no grammar police, just let the words flow. This is one habit you will never feel like breaking.


As words accumulate, looking back will give you renewed joy in the small things in life and what you felt was worthy of note on that day.


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Grateful Every Day - Summer

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