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What does winter mean to you? (Of course, that depends upon which hemisphere you reside in.) For many of us it is frosty windows, falling and accumulating snow, warm clothes, cozy fires and being indoors most of the time. For many hardy souls winter represents a time to get outside and frolic in the snow.


Tell about your version of winter in this 100-page journal. At the heart of most of what you will write are things you enjoy doing and are grateful for. When nights are long and daylight at a premium, curl up with your journal and be reflective. Nothing is too simple to ignore, from a pair of cozy slippers, to the home you've created and maintain for your family's comfort, to your duties each day all the way to the place you hold in your community. Write about them all in as much detail as you please.


Revel in the beauty of the season, tell about what you plan to do for dinner, how you slept last night, tell it all. This journal's pages are lightly lined with prompts to help you through dry spells when words won't come easily.


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Grateful Every Day - Winter

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