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Headgear can be functional or frivolous and women have worn each type throughout the years. Heat escapes through the head and cold weather hats are almost a requirement in some climates. At certain times in history and among various groups of women, hats are designed to polish off the outfit and are a requirement.


Perhaps you simply have a fascination for showy headwear or that article of apparel brings back memories of an earlier time.


This 100-page journal Hats Is a place to write about hats and toppers of all types. Pages on the left side are lightly lined with prompts. On the blank pages on the right, let the designer in you loose. With colored pencil, markers or pens, have a wonderful time creating hats of all shapes, sizes and materials. Prompts will get you started remembering hats you've seen and some others, perhaps those worn by celebrities or in movies.


England has Ascot Day and the US celebrates Derby Day with outrageous hats of all make and manner on parade.


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Hats Journal

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