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There are times when we all need healers and a journal dedicated to them is one great way to pay tribute. These selfless, caring individuals deserve our deepest gratitude because their goal in life is to make sure others don't suffer.


Most of us have had lots of assistance in moving from pain to normalcy and writing about those journeys and the guidance and assistance we've had is healing in itself. Getting off-kilter, overworking muscles and/or the brain, having a toothache, running head-long into disease or simply not feeling up to par, It's all part of life and knowing we don't have to suffer alone is comforting and remarkable.


This 100-page journal is for you to write about some of these wonderful healers and what they did to help to move us from a place of misery back into the sunlight. Life is meant to be lived effortlessly, harmoniously and pain-free.


God bless healers.


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Healing Hands Tribute Journal

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