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Creating a home requires many items from many sources. This journal invites you to tell the stories of those functional, beautiful and sometimes hardworking articles.


You will find 100 pages with a heading on naming one of these things you surround yourself with — and perhaps, some of them get taken for granted. Write on pages that are 3/4 lightly lined with blank space at the bottom.  Tell how you got each thing, where it is in your house, what status it holds and at the bottom of the page, do a little sketch of it. While fun, this isn't such a silly idea as you'll be creating a detailed list that could be used for insurance purposes. If, heaven forbid, you suffer loss to fire, flood or other ways.


Have a lot of fun and be descriptive. Get a big set of colored pencils and add appropriate colors on your sketches.


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Household Necessities Journal

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