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A classic sign of neighborliness is taking a gift to welcome a new person or family on the block. It doesn't have to be a major contribution, almost any little thing can signify "welcome" and "glad to see you."


In this 100-page book, write down all the times you've surprised a friend with a token of your delight "just because." Or write about all the times someone surprised you with an unexpected offering. Write about the friends you've known all your life, tell what make a solid friendship, how to distinguish acquaintances from true friends.


The act of writing such things will generate lots of memories and if, on the blank pages you add other memorabilia before long you'll have a whole book of happy recollections and moments of generosity and friendship to savor.


What a nice gift it would be if you filled out the last pages of this book with local contacts, restaurants and business and presented it a newcomer to your neighborhood.


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Howdy Neighbor

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