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For all the good they do, many insects annoy and disgust us. Ants join our picnics uninvited, mosquitos bite us, and worms just look ugly. Spiders need no explanation — the word is enough to find most people making a quick exit. Lucky are the butterfly, dragonfly, bee, and ladybug because they've had good publicity, been exploited for commercial purposes and seem more or less friendly and useful to humans.


This journal is for you to write whatever thoughts and ideas you wish to record in it. Half of the 100 pages are lightly lined with prompts and the other half blank for you to sketch all the insects your wish, play with words and phrases, or write more. One thing it might do, is make you more aware of the tiny creatures who reside in the world beneath our feet, on trees and unfortunately for them, sometimes in buildings.


If you are considering buying this journal for yourself or as a gift you already appreciate the importance of the written word. Fill it with anything you wish and if you date your entries, later you'll amuse yourself with what you were concerned about when you wrote every entry.


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Journal For Nature Lovers - Flying Insects

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