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One of the staples of a circus, carnival, parade or other show for children often features clowns. Some ordinary people have enjoyed putting on make-up, dressing in costume, adopting a unique persona and performing as a clown for birthday parties or charity events.


This 100-page journal is intended for lovers of clowns — or those who don't like clowns at all. The division is usually clear. On one hand a clown entertains and makes you laugh, on the other clowns haunt your dreams. Pages on the left are lightly lined and on the right are blank so you can draw clowns, color them with markers, write in big bold letters or use it to hold clippings and other small memorabilia.


Have tons of fun with this book and keep 'em rolling on the floor with your anecdotes, riddles and jokes.


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Journal of Clowns

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