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Keeping a positive outlook makes things in your life go easier, so write how you do just that In this 100-page journal. Sometimes when a dark mood descends we view life through a muddied lens. However, a bright and sunny outlook goes a long way toward simplifying and managing the little daily bumps we all encounter. List the good things and write about upbeat things you encounter each day. It's a quick and easy way to bring happiness and be at peace with yourself and others.


Write about what makes you happy, brings warmth, and what you want to share. Prompts are included to spark ideas for writing on the right side and on the left-side pages are blank so you can get creative and include whatever you wish. Get out a set of colored pencils or markers and sketch things that make you happy. Also, use that space to pasting clippings, copies of phots, and for make lists that show you're keeping on track each day. Being upbeat is contagious, so spread it liberally.


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Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Happiness and Joy

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