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  "Write it down" is something we all know to be good advice. There are many reasons to track your car's mileage — your job requires it, you wish to keep track of how far a gallon of gas will get you, and with the fluctuations in gas prices, it seems only smart to put down on paper how your money is being spent. This 100 -page journal by Bobbin’ Olive Productions ( is specifically for the purpose of keeping a record of your trips to eliminate notations on scraps of paper which often are prone to getting misplaced. A journal dedicated to your driving notations makes a great gift for yourself and others. This Mileage Minder is but another way to organize your life, eliminate doubts, and provide a record of your trips. Best of all being organized helps reduce the stress of daily chores.


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Mileage Minder - Thoughtful Reminders

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