Memories are yours alone to keep or to share and this 100-page journal is the place to do it. Designated spaces are just the right size to summarize events we've experienced and people we've met throughout life who've made a difference. You can fill those spaces as you want, summarizing in few words or expounding over many pages.     Keep the book for your eyes only or share with a close family member. Picture for a moment how much you would like to discover that your mom, aunt, sister, or grandmother had kept such a journal. What a treasure it would be. Keeping a journal will answer many questions and create lots of new ones. Mainly it will allow you to put into words stories from your life.

   Begin soon because once the vein is open, the words will flow. You will enjoy having a project that only you can create. Hold it close or let it be seen, the choice is yours, but take up the pen and get to work on it.


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My Memories - Sort Things Out