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   Sometimes we need to write down private thoughts to truly see them. Not to share but for your eyes only to view and evaluate. This journal is designed so you can write down separate thoughts and concerns on the left-hand side pages. Fill as many pages as you have concerns, one to a page. Close your journal. Seal your worries safely inside this little book.

   Walk away and forget what you wrote, don't even think about what's there. After a few days open your journal again and see your thoughts and concern through fresh eyes.

   After a cooling-off spell, the problem might be diminished and reduced to nothing — not worthy of concern. Whatever the importance, you have an entire page (the page opposite) to write your cool, calm, and collected thoughts from a detached point of view. If the worry was minimal, jot down why it seemed so important. If it's major, write about why, what, who, when, etc. Rip it apart. Use the opposite page as a sounding board (for your eyes only…) We get so involved in life and stepping back often helps us see things clearer. Give it a try. It's therapeutic and fun to put into words what's pressing on your mind. Save the filled journal to view later. It will represent a period of time in your life.


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My Thoughts for Today - Serenity - Color

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