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Note to Self-Roses on Display are reminders to oneself to do something important. Writing down personal memory joggers is never a chore with a book especially designed for that purpose. Put an end to those tatty, indecipherable, hen-scratches on backs of receipts or envelopes that hold information that you need to access quickly but spend way too much time digging for, such as:


Gems your mother told you. Advice you wish that your  mother would have shared with you.


Things to remember to mention to a child, parent, friend, boss, neighbor, community leader, etc.


Things that will stick in mind if written down. If once doesn't suffice, there's space to repeat as often as needed.


Use your book as a place for affirmations:


I am more than OK. I'm a healthy weight, attractive, fun, engaging, hardworking, etc.


I am strong and vivacious and plan to stay on track by eating carefully and exercising regularly.


I vow call my mother, friend, sister, doctor, dentist, beautician, spiritual advisor, etc.


Note to Self can improve your life but also make great gifts for friends, favors for parties or showers, or to give someone just because you are thinking about them and want to show it.


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Note to Self - Roses on Display

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