If asked to describe your typical day, what would you say? Busy, overworked, out of control, varied, changing, and/or bursting with activity. Keeping track of it all can be daunting, and it is easy to overlook something important and disappoint yourself and those who depend upon you. Keeping track written on the page is a great solution to a life that resembles a juggling act.

Organize My Life is a journal allows you, in a minute or two, to plot clearly and eliminate the guesswork. Sections are provided on each page for chores, goals, notes, shopping, appointments, and most importantly, a place to establish a food plan for the day. Organizing each day with your BOP agenda makes so much sense and this 110-page journal just might be the tool missing from your life that you fall in love with.

   Keep it handy along with your pen — or pencil to be ready for what lies ahead that requires your attention —and flexibility. Don't we just amaze ourselves?


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Organize My Life - Priorities