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A picnic is always fun and refreshing. In this 100-page journal tell about all the ones you've organized and attended. What food did you pack, how did you transport the foods and other picnic items? List all necessities to pack.


On warm, sunny days the weather can shift to rain, so tell about how you handled that. What is the most unusual place you chose for a picnic and did you sit at tables or on the ground on a blanket? Did you ever have a beach party and sit on the sand? What other activities did you plan for entertainment? Who was in charge of making a fire?


If you need help getting started writing, prompts or words associated with a picnic are provided at the tops of many pages. Even if you can't actually go on a picnic, looking through your picnic memory book will help you enjoy fun times again.


Did anybody think to bring some matches?


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Picnic Journal

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