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What are you proud of? What gives you extreme satisfaction and always brings a smile to your face? The list of possibilities is endless and unique — only you can write it.


This 100-page journal is the perfect place to compile stories and share memories of the things that make up who you are and that you treasure more than gold. Pages are lightly lined because you will write so fast, you'll need them to stay on track. Sharing out loud your innermost feelings about things that your children, your family members and YOU have accomplished might not endear you to your friends. This book is dedicated to praising to the sky (with as much zeal and excess as you want) the things you are most proud of with no editing allowed.


At the top of each page is a word or phrase to get you started. Let the praises flow, you've earned this so commit it all, whatever strikes your fancy to the page. You can keep this journal to yourself or let another person see some of your entries. Sometimes it’s easier to write praises than speak them.


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Proud as a Peacock Journal

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