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You are not alone if, when at a display of products, you are not quite sure which to select for the best results. Writing the detailed and thoughtful decisions that go into your recipes in this 100-page journal can help take the guesswork out of future shopping trips. Putting your special recipes on paper in your own handwriting is an invaluable resource for your children and family members going forward.


We are fortunate to have so many exciting choices when we shop, and experience will often help us make the correct decisions, so share that information with others who will benefit in this journal. Give that extra bit of information as to why you prefer one product over another and offer alternatives if one item isn't available. Cooking is an art and sharing it is half the fun, so take the time to start writing down your secrets now. You didn't get to be an exceptional cook overnight, so tell about your culinary journey and keep on making those special dishes that you've mastered.


Just put it all on paper in this journal. Others will thank you.


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Recipes - Choices and Decisions

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