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The combination of fish and bread goes back to ancient times and food continues to have a just as strong a hold on us today. Tell about your most longstanding and most requested recipes in this 100-page journal. Don't stop with just listing ingredients but elaborate with details only you know about what makes the dish so popular to your family and friends. So much goes into any culinary endeavor but much of the mystery is never discussed or even given much thought once the plates are cleared — and until the next time folks hunger for it.


Here is the opportunity to share secrets, tell ways you've experimented and perfected a recipe over the years. Begin today to write, in your own handwriting, all your best and most loved recipes. Only you can make these foods come and stay alive so don't wait to get started.


A journal of your own recipes makes great sense and once filled out, a thoughtful and unique gift.


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Recipes - Fishes and Loaves

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