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It makes perfect sense to seek the freshest and most luscious ingredients for our special recipes. We know from hard experience how important it is to have just the right components in order to get the expected results every time in cooking.


This journal is where you can make sure that always happens by writing down exactly what is needed, in detail, sharing every detail, down to where ingredients can best be found. Anyone who has ever been forced to make substitutions will take heed and write down the specifics.


This 100-page journal is the place to do it. Only you know the secrets to your specialties and not to share your knowledge is sad since it takes so little to stop thinking about it and make the commitment to finally do it. This beautiful journal for that purpose. Sitting down, pen in hand to write specifics is a gift only you can give.


Start soon and make others happy to know there will be no guesswork when it comes to making your recipes.


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Recipes - Fresh From the Source

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