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Cooks fall into two categories, those whose only tools are a good knife and a wooden spoon and others who faithfully rely on their myriad collection of helpful cooking accessories and gadgets. One thing is for certain, however, and is the importance of writing down their most cherished recipes and this attractive journal is the place to do it. With recipes written in your own hand, it will make a charming addition to your cookbook collection.


Think how happy it will make a friend or family member to receive such a personal gift. For children, imagine the joy such a special gift will bring. How often have you wished you'd been more attentive when your own mother or favorite relative rattled off their culinary secrets.  If only — is such a sad thought so, get a copy of this journal and list not just recipes but your secrets to cooking success. Tell about your favorite helps and short-cuts. Of course, write down those recipes they all look forward to enjoying.


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Recipes - Gadgets Make Light Work

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