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Nothing is as satisfying as a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry. At holidays gathering supplies and ingredients is not just necessary but a pleasurable aspect of cooking for loved ones. We can all remember times when we felt the urge to have a special dish or make a beloved recipe, but the items weren't at hand.


This journal is for you to write down your favorite and most requested recipes but also to tell about their history. When did you first taste the dish? Who made it and for what occasion? How do you make it, how has it changed over the years? Writing the backstory is almost as fun as making and serving the dish and as often as you share the stories with family and friends, nothing beats getting it all down in your own handwriting for posterity.


This book is the perfect place to show your extra-special love by taking the time to write down the information that only YOU possess. Time passes fast, so do it soon. Your family will thank you forever.


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Recipes - Ingredients Galore

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