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Being on top of things can take a toll. Use this book to list all the things you are responsible for — at this minute. Perhaps you feel like this kitty, burned out and down at the heels, (or paws.)


Writing things on paper, even in list form, can help us gain control and prioritize. When calm returns, use other pages in your book to list things that need doing "Today, Tomorrow, by the End of the Week, etc." Rather than keeping it all inside, get it down on the page, thus, lessening its power. Duties and obligations need not overwhelm and rule your life.


Look again at this cat. Notice how his state of mind belies his appearance. He, like most cats, is a study in CALM. Oops, his personal journal fell out the window — purr, purr, la de dah. Translation:  Writing it down was the key.


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Sentry on the Job

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