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From the minute Mother brought my baby sister home from the hospital I knew my life had changed. I was suddenly a middle child. With sisters surrounding me, I could glide along and enjoy life protected from all sides. 


Sisters are like no other person in the world. They are always and permanently there. As kids, you have a built-in buddy without seeking permission from another mom to do special things (which can sometimes be an iffy proposition.) If your mom was like ours, outsiders were welcomed, hardly any questions asked. Many an extra plate was added to the table at mealtimes over the years. Some of those girls even became "honorary" sisters.


There is no substitute for growing up 24/7 with a soulmate. It's never having to face the world alone, always buffered though all situations. The richness a sibling provides is immeasurable and taking the time to isolate incidents and writing about what they mean is not just fun but instructive. On each of the 100 pages of this journal are quotations from many wise sources about the experience of sisterhood. If you are having trouble isolating an event or experience to write about these lively and thought-provoking quotations will surely kickstart your thinking. 


Here are plateaus encountered through life. Reflecting upon these stages of life can bring clarity and semi-forgotten incidents might become clear. Why jot these memories down? To show and share your love. When things are committed to the page they live forever and gain richness. 


Early years and home life
The twelve years of school
Testing wings and taking flight
Finding and securing a partner
Gaining the wisdom of age


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