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Little girls grow up so fast. Moms age before our eyes.


Capture the moments, from now and the past, in this journal. Tell about your mother. Include picture and other memorabilia on these journal's pages. Pay tribute.


How often have you heard, “I wish I had her back for just a day…” What would you tell her, what things would you do with her? There is no stronger bond than mothers and daughters.


Do it now, while it is on your mind. This journal begs to be filled and your own kids will thank you for it. Pages on the left are lightly lined with words or phrases at the top to prompt you when you need it. Opposite pages are blank for you to use however you wish, glue in pictures, make sketches, color your artwork there with pencils or markers, add decorative borders, doodle, you name it.


Let your creativity soar. Ask mom to fill out a few pages, too. Its contents will someday be priceless.


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Special Times with Mom

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