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Love them or hate them, eat them in a salad or boiled, dandelions are a spring staple. You have to admit they are doughty little guys, standing so tall and proud. For some watching them go from bud, to fuzzy yellow blossom, to white puff balls is loads of fun. For others, the dandelion’s stages of life are nothing short of torment and its weed killer to the rescue.


Express your personal feelings in this 100-page Spring Journal. Write to extend your enjoyment of the longer days by putting your impressions on the page. The pages on the left are lightly lined and the ones on the right are blank to give you options. Write on one side and sketch on the other. Whatever you choose to do, don’t limit your writing to just dandelions, but let these humble little plants be your jumping off point and write, write, write. There are so many new things happening in the spring to think, write and sketch about.


Write in color, treat yourself to a big set of fine line markers and, like the dandelion gone to seed, have an explosion of fun.


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Spring Journal – Dandelions

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