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How fun to have a variety of flowers to choose from in making up your bouquets. It’s a bit like your life, with so many choices you might not know quite which wonderful thing to choose to do each day. Whether you’ve grown the flowers yourself, or bought them at the market, keeping fresh flowers on view is a little luxury we all can enjoy because they elevate your mood so readily.


In this Spring Journal, don’t limit yourself to just one thing to write about, pick generously from the plethora of things in your life.  You’ve got 100 lightly-lined pages at your fingertips, left side pages are lightly-lined for keeping on track and right side pages are blank for other creative endeavors; sketching, list making, deliberations that require a wide open area to brainstorm, and, of course more paragraphs.  Enjoy keeping a running tab of your days. With just a few minutes extended, you can build a beautiful bouquet of words.


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Spring Journal – Florist

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