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Hail to the hardy pansy. It is a workhorse of flowers, or like a hardy party guest, arriving early and staying late. One look into those little faces and your heart melts. They are so determined to be your friends and fill you with joy that you can’t help but love them. Combine them with another spring staple, blossoming branches, and you’ve got a winning combination, sure signs of spring. For gardeners or anyone who adores flowers and the fresh, outdoorsy season of spring, this 100page journal is for you.


Write your happiness, cares, concern, hopes, dreams and anything that’s on your mind in this journal. The pages are lightly lined to keep you on track and if you want to scratch, scrawl, sketch or cipher, you’ll find blank pages throughout. Confess about that trip to the nursery even when it’s way too early to plant in the ground. The journal will keep your darkest secrets buried deeply like new seeds. Add a growing level of joy to your life by keeping a journal. Or, select this journal add a packet of colored pencils, crayons or markers and you’ve got a winning gift for almost anyone.


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Spring Journal - Pansies

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