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April showers bring May flowers the old saying goes. However, wet is wet and not always our favorite choice to get out and attend to the business of daily life.


In this 100-page journal, let the rain come down in drips, drops or buckets. Write about your life a little or a lot, depending on your mood and time available. Tell what rain gear you own, how rain hindered or helped you on any given day. Get philosophical and tell why we need rain, what happens without it. Tell how your pets like the rain. Remember rain scenes from movies, tell what preparations you’ve made in the eventuality of inclement weather.


The point is — write it down, tell the journal about the good and the not so amenable events of your life. Keep a running account, just enjoy relaxing and entertaining yourself by writing. It not only fun, it’s a good way to keep track of the goings on in your busy life.


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Spring Journal – Rain

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