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These sweet lilies perched so nicely on their pads are floating miracles. Artist Monet helped us see their beauty in his numerous paintings of them. Hardly any area in our world is overlooked when Mother Nature wields her paintbrush. The umbilical-like long stems beneath the surface make these especially poignant, reminding us of our babies in the womb, tethered to us with a thick cord.


In this 100-page Summer Journal, write your innermost thoughts about the miracles of nature, the variety of surprises she gives us, the graciousness of the floating pads and the freshness of the flowers. Such richness.


Pages in the journal are half lightly lined and the other half blank. This offers lots of space to write, draw, color and celebrate the water lily and all summer flowers. Enjoy yourself and remember to pick up a new pack of multi-colored markers or pencils to color until your heart's content.


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Summer Journal - Buoyant Water Lilies

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