Ribbit!! Yes, it's frogs. They like to play and hop from place to place, then dunk under the water to catch a nice, juicy insect for a snack.


This 100-page bobbin-olive journal is intended for you to write about all the things you enjoy during the months of summer. Start by looking down and then deeper down into a crick or a stream of fresh, moving water. What is there? Frogs are only the most visible and funniest creature, but there is a world underneath.


This Summer Journal - Froggy Fun — has lightly lined pages on the left and blank ones on the right so you can jot notes and then draw. Fill it with what you see as you put yourself into camera mode and begin to pan up from the lowest point. Write and sketch all that you see. When this journal is full, there are loads more waiting for your creative and perceptive notes and sketches. Get out color media, markers and colored pencils and go full spectrum and enliven your drawings.


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Summer Journal - Lily Pad Leapfrog