One of the best things about nice weather is going for a walk. It's free, limited only to your stamina on any given day, able to be enjoyed singly or with friends, loaded with health benefits, so why not keep track of your jaunts in a Summertime Journal intended for that purpose.


Keeping notations of your outings in this 100-page book will give you a real lift when the entries start to accumulate and see how much you are doing. Not only is writing about your walks a fine way to document them, it's practical and you can see on paper your progress. Pages are lightly lined with prompts to nudge you to keep on the path day by day. Fresh air and moving those muscles are a tremendous boost to your mood, stretch it out by making journal entries. You will enjoy looking back and seeing your destinations, thoughts occupying your mind during your exercise, who/what you encountered along the way and best of all, just being active and involved in life.


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Summer Journal - Long, Leisurely Strolls