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One of the special joys of summer is seeing the antics of birds. They own this season and with rising heat are always finding creative ways to get water.


A bird bath requires a lot of work, changing the water, scrubbing it out sometimes multiple times a day. Seeing the joy it brings is worth it. Watching how the smaller birds go first and the bigger ones wait nearby for their turn and then make such a mess they practically empty it out.


Write about summer in this lovely bobbin-olive Productions 100-page journal. Start with the scene on the cover and keep it going on the lightly lined pages on the left. On the right the pages are blank for you to add personal touches, sketches, clippings, receipts or just use the space for more writing. Watch and you will find lots of topics before your eyes, but when you need a boost, prompts are provided.


Have fun and write it while it's fresh.


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Summer Journal - Summer Joy

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