Art enriches our lives. The simple act of hanging a print on the wall can lift spirits and many people, at one time or another, have participated in the exciting world of producing art. You will find The Art Lover's Book of Fun a satisfying way to fill minutes or days delving into the many branches and nuances of the subject. You can participate by taking a pen or pencil and doing some of the visual puzzles and/or quizzes within the book's pages. The questions and thought-provoking topics about art are general enough to please older teens and up, while younger people might find filling out the doodle pages fun. Lively discussions at meetings, in the classroom, at the dining table and between friends will be assured by sharing the many questions and prompts in this book.


Tuck this little journal into your purse, backpack or give it as a gift to a friend set to embark on a trip or facing a long wait. Modern life is busy, so with a journal focused on art, you can stay involved, keep art skills sharp and even doodle in this fun book — all uplifting activities.


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The Art Lover's Book of Fun