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In this journal, you can be a peacemaker. You can create scenarios of harmony, where nobody is banished, all are equal and justice and respect rule. The lion lies down with the lamb. Where rabbits don't fear wolves but share common goals — accord, friendship and dining on field greens.


In this 100-page journal, you can create a world without strife. The hatchet is buried, hostilities a vague memory and where tranquility rules the day. Pages on the left are lightly lined with prompts and on the right blank to sketch, doodle, color and write without hampering your creativity. Make peace happen, if only in your journal, if only for this moment. Put strife, evil and destruction to rest.


You'll feel better and who knows, it might catch on, one person, one kind act, one good thought sent out into the world, at a time.


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The Peaceable Kingdom

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