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Going to the theater to see a fully staged show is great fun. Many people also are interested in performing or helping produce a show because it's an opportunity to work side by side with kindred spirits.


This 100-page journal is for you to tell about your experiences with show business as a consumer or active participant. Pages on the left are lightly lined and have prompts to start you writing. On the right the pages are blank for you to sketch, glue in ticket stubs or continue writing.


Returning to that moment in time when you were a part of something much larger, more colorful and grander than real life is easy if you write about it. Not only can you capture what it was that appealed to you, but you can tell how it felt to be involved.


Be sure to get colored markers or pencils so you can add the exciting bursts of color that unfolded before your eyes in the darkened theater. Or, tell about the drama that occurred backstage if you were involved in putting on a show.


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Theater Journal - Spotlight

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